The San Diego County Dental Foundation, in partnership with Veterans Village of San Diego and UCSD’s Student-run Free Dental Clinic Project, has created a free oral health clinic to serve San Diego veterans. The clinic opened in November of 2015 and since that time has served hundreds of veterans and provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in pro bono oral health care.

​The John Geis DDS Dental Clinic at VVSD provides free dental treatment to nearly 200 previously homeless veterans (residents of VVSD). Currently, only those veterans whose injuries were incurred in service have comprehensive dental care covered by the Department of Veterans Affairs. They number very few. The majority of the veterans housed at VVSD and around the county have very limited dental insurance.

​Most of them are in great need of basic dental cleanings, extractions, and even major dental surgeries.

Our clinic provides these services to veterans regardless of their ability to pay. Dentists who are members of our affiliated organization, the San Diego County Dental Society, provide pro bono care and SDCDF funds the purchase of supplies, instruments and lab work on an on-going basis.

Our annual budget to run the clinic including supplies and lab fees tops $100,000. We need your help to keep our clinic running. Please consider a donation as an individual or from a group or study club.

To sign up to volunteer please send your CV to the UCSD PDS Volunteer Dentist Coordinator at

To learn more about the Geis Dental Clinic, current and upcoming projects, donating and volunteer opportunities please contact Mike Koonce at or (619) 275-7188.