• FacetsĀ is our printed magazine (10 issues per year) reaching over 1900 dentists in San Diego County: Ads start at $190 per issue.
  • Download our 2021 Facets Advertising Contract
  • Classified Section: 30 days on our website and printed in the next issue of Facets.
  • Download our 2021 Facets CLASSIFIEDS Contract
  • Ad Spots on our website, e-newsletter and social media accounts are now available! Starting at $200/month
  • Download ourĀ Online Advertising Contract
  • Ad Spots on our online continuing education website!
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  • Pre-printed mailing labels for mailers to all members: $100 (for members), $300 (nonmembers) and upon approval by Executive Director.
  • To advertise online, by mail, or in ourĀ FacetsĀ Magazine contact our Media & Continuing Education Coordinator, Fernanda Parra, at (619) 275-7188, or by e-mail at


  • Exhibitor at Continuing education events: Access to 100-150 member dentists perĀ meeting!
  • Download OurĀ Sponsor ContractĀ for 2020.
  • BLS Renewal sponsorship, by covering catering costs, dates available starting in January 2020.
  • To sponsor a continuing education event, contact our CE Coordinator, Fernanda Parra, at (619) 275-7188 or by e-mail atĀ

Membership Directory

  • 2021 Member Directory Ad: full page ad $1100; Ā½ page ad at $550
  • Please download ourĀ Membership Directory Advertising Contract
  • To advertise in our 2021 Directory, or obtain a copy of the Directory, contact our Media & Continuing Education Coordinator,Ā Fernanda Parra at (619) 275-7188, or by e-mail at
  • Members may purchase an additional Member Directory for $45, non-members for $100.