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At SDCDS, we understand that achieving peak performance isn’t just about excelling in your dental practice. it’s about nurturing your overall well-being. Our Peak Performance Program is tailored exclusively for our member dentists and designed to optimize your physical, mental, financial, and social wellness. Embark on your path to peak performance by joining us at one of our events!


What is optimal physical wellness?  Treating your body with care by staying active and maintaining a healthy balance in life

How will we support you? Through quarterly initiatives aimed to support your physical wellness

Mindful Movement: Yoga and Body Wellness: June 9th, June 19th, July 9th, July 27th, August 10th


What is optimal social wellness? Connecting with like-minded individuals and create long-lasting relationships at our events


What is optimal mental wellness?  Maintaining emotional balance, resilience, and self-care practices to foster overall psychological well-being and fulfillment


What is optimal financial wellness? Budgeting isn’t just about numbers; it’s about prioritizing your wellness, ensuring your financial decisions align with your physical, emotional, and social goals

tree graphic featuring the 4 principles of the Peak Performance program