SDCDS has many leadership and volunteer opportunities for members. If you are interested in any of the following please click to download the form on the right, complete and send in to or fax to (619) 275-0646.

Members looking for leadership opportunities can choose to join any of our committees including:

  1. Well-Being
  2. Editorial Board
  3. Communications
  4. Political Action
  5. New DDS/Membership Recruitment and Retention
  6. Continuing Education
  7. Leadership Development
  8. Ethics*
  9. Peer-Review**

(*Ethics and Peer-Review is open to members of SDCDS for 5 years or more, **Peer-Review requires calibration.)

SDCDS has a number of elected positions available to members. Previous Committee experience is required to be considered for elected positions.

  1. Board of Directors, 2-year term
  2. Delegate to CDA House, 3-year term
  3. CDA Trustees, alternating 3 year terms
  4. Secretary, 1-year term*
    *The Secretary position (year 1) requires a 4 year commitment. This official moves to President-elect (year 2) followed by President (year 3)and finally Immediate past-president (year 4).

In addition to leadership opportunities, SDCDS has many volunteer opportunities for members to contribute to their communities in the greater San Diego area.

These include:

  1. Health/Education/Career Fairs
  2. Homeless Outreach Programs
  3. Sealant and Varnish Clinics
  4. Mouth Guards for local high schools
  5. Geis Clinic at VVSD
  6. Children’s Dental Health Clinic
  7. UCSD Free Clinics
  8. Accept a limited number of underprivileged patients at no charge